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A.    Router# show ccm-manager gatewayB.    Router# show mgcp ccm-managerC.    Router# show ccm-managerD.    Router# show ccm manager Answer: C NEW QUESTION 294Which reason for calls being disconnected just after connection is true? A.    An incompatible MTP type is allocated to the call.B.    Codec are mismatched between phones.C.    Firewall is blocking RTP packets.D.    Phone A is using SCCP and phone B is using SIP. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 295An engineer is configuring inter-site dialing for a company with several branch offices. Due to overlapping extensions at some sites, the site code *3XX is used, where XX is the branch number is the prefixed code. The engineer cannot dial the number at the new branch from head office. Which configuration parameter can the engineer use to resolve this issue? A.    gatekeeperB.    translation patternC.    route patternD.    transformation profile Answer: A NEW QUESTION 296An endpoint cannot connect to a valid TFTP server during the registration process. Which two statements describe possible causes? (Choose two.) A.    The DHCP configuration contains TFTP server 66, but no DNS server is available.B.    The DHCP configuration contains TFTP server 150, but no DNS server is available.C.    No separate voice VLAN configuration on the switch port connected to the endpoint.D.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager CallManager services are not started.E.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager TFTP services are not started. Answer: DE NEW QUESTION 297An engineer is troubleshooting an intersite call between two endpoints where calls are intermediately failing with the error message: "488 Not Acceptable Media". Which option causes this error message to trigger? A.    The device pool contains more call processing agents in the CMG group than the endpoint can support.B.    MRGL contains more media groups than the endpoint can support.C.    A lower bandwidth is set in the location than the endpoint can support.D.    The hunt group contains more devices than the endpoint can support. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 298You are troubleshooting an ILS connectivity issue. All clusters are set to "Use TLS Certificates". Which certificates must be exchanged between Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters? A.    Tomcat certificates between all nodes in all clusters.B.    TLS certificates between publisher nodes in all clusters.C.    Call Manager certificates between publisher nodes in all clusters.D.    Tomcat certificates between publisher nodes in all clusters. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 299An engineer is analyzing an issue about system connection under Cisco TMS connection, where endpoints handled by TMS automatically change from reachable on LAN to behind the firewall status. Which protocol does the network engineer need to troubleshoot the network between managed device Cisco TMS? A.    SDPB.    XMPPC.    FTPD.    HTTP Answer: D NEW QUESTION 300Which two types of call causes the user to hear the reorder tone? (Choose two.) A.    call to a number that is working but is unlistedB.    restricted callC.    call using a non-Cisco phoneD.    call to a number that has been blockedE.    unrestricted call Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 301Replication is failing between the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Publisher and Subscriber servers. In which two ways can you verify the database replication status? (Choose two.) A.    TRACERTB.    CLIC.    APIC-EMD.    PINGE.    RTMT Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 302An engineer is investigating voice quality degradation on calls passing through a particular SIP gateway. To gather the necessary information, sample traffic captures are taken. Which information in the capture reveals the problem? A.    destination portB.    versionC.    ToS bitsD.    MTU Answer: B NEW QUESTION 303Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager troubleshooting tool can be used to look at detailed specific events, such as dial plan digit analysis, as they are happening? A.    RTMT real-time traceB.    Cisco Unified Dialed Number AnalyzerC.    Syslog outputD.    RTMT performance log viewer Answer: B NEW QUESTION 304An engineer is troubleshooting an issue where aliases that contain an identity "" are unable to register with an endpoint due to an entry in the registration restriction configuration in Expressway-E. Where is the alias being blocked in Expressway-E? A.    regex listB.    hunt listC.    black listD.    allow list Answer: C NEW QUESTION 305Which two statements about Cisco Unified CM location bandwidth deduction are true? (Choose two.) A.    If a call uses G.711, Cisco Unified Communications Manager subtracts 64k.B.    If a call uses G.711, Cisco Unified Communications Manager subtracts 80k.C.    If a call uses G.723, Cisco Unified Communications Manager subtracts 16k.D.    If a call uses G.729, Cisco Unified Communications Manager subtracts 16k.E.    If a call uses G.729, Cisco Unified Communications Manager subtracts 24k. Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 306Which two issues can cause a Cisco Unified Communications Manager to fail to register with its Cisco SAF Forwarder? (Choose two.) A.    An H.323 SAF trunk was configured instead of a SIP SAF trunk.B.    No directory number patterns were configured on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.C.    CCD advertising service was not activated.D.    Incorrect user credentials were used on the SAF Forwarder.E.    CCD requesting service was not activated. Answer: DE NEW QUESTION 307Company XYZ reports that their SAF calls are being routed through the PSTN. Which cause of the issue is true? A.    TCP Connection Failure has occurred between the SAF Forwarder and Cisco Unified Communications Manager.B.    Cisco Unified Communications Managed did not increment the service number correctly.C.    The maximum number of learned patterns have being reached.D.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager did not construct the SAF message correctly. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 308Which action can you take to prevent users from transferring external calls to external devices? A.    Enable the Block OffNet to OffNet Transfer feature in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.B.    Block the National route pattern.C.    Remove the route pattern to prevent inbound calls from matching the gateway.D.    Create a new translation pattern to block external call transfer. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 309Which CLI command is used to troubleshoot ILS network connection issues within the local Cisco Unified CM cluster to determine which server within the cluster is the xnode? A.    utils ils lookupB.    utils ils showpeerinfoC.    utils ils display xnodeD.    utils ils find xnode Answer: D NEW QUESTION 310After you deploy a new Cisco Collaboration solution, users report echoes and choppy voice quality. Which two actions correct the problem? (Choose two.) A.    Upgrade the Cisco IOS version and flash memory on the Cisco IOS router.B.    Deploy additional hardware resources.C.    Deploy an echo canceller.D.    Upgrade Cisco Unified Communications Manager.E.    Enable QoS on the network. Answer: CE NEW QUESTION 311...... Download the newest PassLeader 300-080 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 300-080 PDF dumps & 300-080 VCE dumps: (313 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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