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A.    He can use the fw accel stat command on the gateway.B.    He can use the fw accel statistics command on the gateway.C.    He can use the fwaccel stat command on the Security Management Server.D.    He can use the fwaccel stat command on the gateway Answer: D NEW QUESTION 266Which web services protocol is used to communicate to the Check Point R80 Identity Awareness Web API? A.    SOAPB.    RESTC.    XLANGD.    XML-RPC Answer: B NEW QUESTION 267Which process handles connection from SmartConsole R80? A.    fwmB.    cpmdC.    cpmD.    cpd Answer: C NEW QUESTION 268What is the command to show SecureXL status? A.    fwaccel statusB.    fwaccel stats -mC.    fwaccel -sD.    fwaccel stat Answer: D NEW QUESTION 269With MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) enabled the gateways manages SMTP traffic and holds external email with potentially malicious attachments. What is required in order to enable MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) functionality in the Security Gateway? A.    Threat Cloud Intelligence.B.    Threat Prevention Software Blade Package.C.    Endpoint Total Protection.D.    Traffic on port 25. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 270What is not a purpose of the deployment of Check Point API? A.    Execute an automated script to perform common tasks.B.    Create a customized GUI Client for manipulating the objects database.C.    Create products that use and enhance the Check Point solution.D.    Integrate Check Point products with 3rd party solution. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 271Fill in the blank: Identity Awareness AD-Query is using the Microsoft ____ API to learn users from AD. A.    WMIB.    EventvwrC.    XMLD.    Services.msc Answer: A NEW QUESTION 272Which is not a blade option when configuring SmartEvent? A.    Correlation UnitB.    SmartEvent UnitC.    SmartEvent ServerD.    Log Server Answer: B NEW QUESTION 273The essential means by which state synchronization works to provide failover in the event an active member goes down, ____ is used specifically for clustered environments to allow gateways to report their own state and learn about the states of other members in the cluster. A.    ccpB.    cphaconfC.    cphadD.    cphastart Answer: A NEW QUESTION 274What CLI command compiles and installs a Security Policy on the target's Security Gateways? A.    fwm compileB.    fwm loadC.    fwm fetchD.    fwm install Answer: B NEW QUESTION 275What kind of information would you expect to see using the sim affinity command? A.    The VMACs used in a Security Gateway cluster.B.    The involved firewall kernel modules in inbound and outbound packet chain.C.    Overview over SecureXL templated connections.D.    Network interfaces and core distribution used for CoreXL. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 276What cloud-based SandBlast Mobile application is used to register new devices and users? A.    Check Point Protect ApplicationB.    Management DashboardC.    Behavior Risk EngineD.    Check Point Gateway Answer: D NEW QUESTION 277What is the responsibility of SOLR process on R80.10 management server? A.    Validating all data before it's written into the database.B.    It generates indexes of data written to the database.C.    Communication between SmartConsole applications and the Security Management Server.D.    Writing all information into the database. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 278Which file gives you a list of all security servers in use, including port number? A.    $FWDIR/conf/conf.confB.    $FWDIR/conf/servers.confC.    $FWDIR/conf/fwauthd.confD.    $FWDIR/conf/serversd.conf Answer: C NEW QUESTION 279Which of the following commands shows the status of processes? A.    cpwd_admin -lB.    cpwd -lC.    cpwd admin_listD.    cpwd_admin list Answer: D NEW QUESTION 280What is the valid range for VRID value in VRRP configuration? A.    1-254B.    1-255C.    0-254D.    0-255 Answer: B NEW QUESTION 281For best practices, what is the recommended time for automatic unlocking of locked admin accounts? A.    20 minutesB.    15 minutesC.    Admin account cannot be unlocked automaticallyD.    30 minutes at least Answer: D NEW QUESTION 282Which is NOT a SmartEvent component? A.    SmartEvent ServerB.    Correlation UnitC.    Log ConsolidatorD.    Log Server Answer: C NEW QUESTION 283What is the SandBlast Agent designed to do? A.    Performs OS-level sandboxing for SandBlast Cloud architecture.B.    Ensure the Check Point SandBlast services is running on the end user's system.C.    If malware enters an end user's system, the SandBlast Agent prevents the malware from spreading with the network.D.    Clean up email sent with malicious attachments. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 284What is correct statement about Security Gateway and Security Management Server failover in Check Point R80.X in terms of Check Point Redundancy driven solution? A.    Security Gateway failover is an automatic procedure but Security Management Server failover is a manual procedure.B.    Security Gateway failover as well as Security Management Server failover is a manual procedure.C.    Security Gateway failover is a manual procedure but Security Management Server failover is an automatic procedure.D.    Security Gateway failover as well as Security Management Server failover is an automatic procedure. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 285What command would show the API server status? A.    cpm statusB.    api restartC.    api statusD.    show api status Answer: C NEW QUESTION 286In Logging and Monitoring, the tracking options are Log, Detailed Log and Extended Log. Which of the following options can you add to each Log, Detailed Log and Extended Log? A.    AccountingB.    SuppressionC.    Accounting/SuppressionD.    Accounting/Extended Answer: C NEW QUESTION 287Which command would you use to set the network interfaces' affinity in Manual mode? A.    sim affinity -mB.    sim affinity -lC.    sim affinity -aD.    sim affinity -s Answer: D NEW QUESTION 288Which of the following is NOT an option to calculate the traffic direction? A.    IncomingB.    InternalC.    ExternalD.    Outgoing Answer: D NEW QUESTION 289What command lists all interfaces using Multi-Queue? A.    cpmq getB.    show interface allC.    cpmq setD.    show multiqueue all Answer: A NEW QUESTION 290Please choose the path to monitor the compliance status of the Check Point R80.10 based management. Which one is correct? A.    Gateways & Servers --> Compliance ViewB.    Compliance blade not available under R80.10C.    Logs & Monitor --> New Tab --> Open compliance ViewD.    Security & Policies --> New Tab --> Compliance View Answer: C NEW QUESTION 291...... 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