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[Jan-2017 Dumps] PassLeader Free Valid 70-743 VCE and PDF Exam Questions

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You have an Active Directory domain that contains several Hyper-V hosts that run Windows Server 2016. You plan to deploy network virtualization and to centrally manage Datacenter Firewall policies. Which component must you install for the planned deployment?

A.    the Routing role service
B.    the Canary Network Diagnostics feature
C.    the Network Controller server role
D.    the Data Center Bridging feature

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Click the Exhibit tab. A customer is attempting to protect the source volume listed in the exhibit. They try to initialize a DP mirror relationship to the destination volume but it will not initialize as expected. Which two settings on the destination volume are causing this problem? (Choose two.)

A.    language
B.    type
C.    volume size
D.    max-autosize

[Jan-2017 Dumps] Learning PassLeader 70-761 Free VCE and PDF Dumps To Pass Exam Quickly

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You create a table named Products by running the following Transact-SQL statement:

You have the following stored procedure:

You need to modify the stored procedure to meet the following new requirements:
– Insert product records as a single unit of work.
– Return error number 51000 when a product fails to insert into the database.
– If a product record insert operation fails, the product information must not be permanently written to the database.
Solution: You run the following Transact-SQL statement:

Does the solution meet the goal?

A.    Yes
B.    No

[Jan-2017 Dumps] NSE 8 New Questions and Answers — Everybody Needs To Download For 100% Passing Exam

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Referring to the exhibit, which statement is true?

A.    The packet failed the HMAC validation.
B.    The packet did not match any of the local IPsec SAs.
C.    The packet was protected with an unsupported encryption algorithm.
D.    The IPsec negotiation failed because the SPI was unknown.

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What is the purpose of the “Taken into account if” expression on a predefined filer?

A.    The “Taken into account if” expression provides the marketing user with a drop-down to select which conditions to apply.
B.    The conditions on which the “Taken into account if” expression is applied will only be used if the “Taken into account if” expression is true.
C.    The “Taken into account if” expression is used to only display an input when the expression is true.
D.    The “Taken into account if” expression can be used to format the filter result.

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You have a Dynamics CRM organization. The account entity must appear as Company to all users. Which two fields should you change? Each correct answer presents.

A.    Plural Name
B.    Display Name
C.    Name
D.    Description

[Jan-2017 Dumps] Best 100q PassLeader MB2-713 Exam Dumps Help Passing Exam Easily

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You have four opportunities to sell a product to customers who are located on the same street. You need to ensure that the opportunities are related. What should you do?

A.    Include the same note in all four opportunities.
B.    Apply a custom connection role.
C.    Include all four opportunities in one goal.
D.    Send one email message to which each customer is copied.

[Jan-2017 Dumps] 100% Valid MB6-705 Exam Questions and Answers Everyone Want To Download

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You need to mitigate a SQL injection attack on a report that includes several parameters. What should you do?

A.    Use a lookup file for the parameter se lection.
B.    Use an assembly to store the parameter selections.
C.    use an available values list for the parameter selection.
D.    Use a where clause in the select statement for the parameter selection.

[Jan-2017 Dumps] Premium 55q MB2-714 Exam Questions Ensure 100 Percent Exam Passing

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Your team uses the Dynamics CRM knowledge base. You do not use the interactive service hub. You use articles to resolve cases. You have an article template named ArticleTemplatel. You publish articles that use ArticleTemplate 1. You need to prevent ArticleTemplatel from being used to create any more articles. The solution must ensure that existing articles remain available. What should you do?

A.    Modify the properties of ArticteTemplatel.
B.    Delete ArticteTemplatel.
C.    Deactivate ArticleTemplatel
D.    Remove ArticleTemplatel from the default solution.

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Which statement about Cisco StackWise technology is true?

A.    All switches in a stack share configuration and routing information to behave as a single unit
B.    Removing switches can affect stack performance
C.    Only the master switch acts as a forwarding processor
D.    Every switch in a stack has its own independent … configuration file, which enables it to become the stack master if the previous master fails

[Jan-2017 Dumps] Testing PassLeader 70-762 Exam Questions and Answers To 100% Pass 70-762 Exam

New Updated 70-762 Exam Questions from PassLeader 70-762 PDF dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader 70-762 VCE dumps: (70 Q&As)

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You have a database that contains the following tables: BlogCategory, BlogEntry, ProductReview, Product, and SalesPerson. The tables were created using the following Transact SQL statements:

You must modify the ProductReview Table to meet the following requirements:
1. The table must reference the ProductID column in the Product table.
2. Existing records in the ProductReview table must not be validated with the Product table.
3. Deleting records in the Product table must not be allowed if records are referenced by the ProductReview table.
4. Changes to records in the Product table must propagate to the ProductReview table.
You also have the following database tables: Order, ProductTypes, and SalesHistory, The transact-SOL statements for these tables are not available. You must modify the Orders table to meet the following requirements:
1. Create new rows in the table without granting INSERT permissions to the table.
2. Notify the sales person who places an order whether or not the order was completed.
You must add the following constraints to the SalesHistory table:
– a constraint on the SaleID column that allows the field to be used as a record identifier
– a constant that uses the ProductID column to reference the Product column of the ProductTypes table
– a constraint on the CategoryID column that allows one row with a null value in the column
– a constraint that limits the Sale Price column to values greater than four Finance department users must be able to retrieve data from the SalesHistory table for sales persons where the value of the SalesYTD column is above a certain threshold
You plan to create a memory-optimized table named SalesOrder. The table must meet the following requirements:
– The table must hold 10 million unique sales orders.
– The table must use checkpoints to minimize 1/0 operations and must not use transaction logging.
– Data loss is acceptable.
Performance for queries against the SalesOrder table that use Where clauses with exact equality operations must be optimized. You need to modify the design of the Orders table. What should you create?

A.    a stored procedure with the RETURN statement
B.    a FOR UPDATE trigger
C.    an AFTER UPDATE trigger
D.    a user defined function

[Jan-2017 Dumps] Latest PassLeader 50q 70-734 Exam Questions and Answers For Free Download

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You plan to deploy Windows 10 on several computers by using images. The computers will contain a Push Button Reset (PBR). You need to ensure that the computer configuration supports PBR. Which computer configurations must be available?

A.    a recovery image file
B.    a DVD drive that contains the installation media
C.    a full system backup
D.    a recovery partition

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A Corporate_ABC located in the US acquired Company_XYZ, which is located in Europe. Both companies are connected to the internet using their local ISP. A management VLAN must be built using subnet across the ABC and XYZ. Which solution meets this requirement?

A.    VPLS
B.    AToM
C.    Layer 3 VPN
D.    L2TPv3

[Jan-2017 Dumps] Premium PassLeader 300-208 275q Exam Questions with VCE Test Software For Free Download

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A security administrator wants to profile endpoints and gain visibility into attempted authentications. Which 802.1x mode allows these actions?

A.    monitor mode
B.    high-security mode
C.    closed mode
D.    low-impact mode

Answer: A

Which three events immediately occur when a user clicks register on their device in a single- SSID BYOD onboarding registration process? (Choose three).

A.    CA certificate is sent to the device from Cisco ISE
B.    An endpoint is added to a Registered Devices identity group
C.    RADIUS access request is sent to Cisco ISE
D.    The profile service is sent to the device from Cisco ISE
E.    DACL is sent to the device from Cisco ISE
F.    BYOD registration flag is set by Cisco ISE

Answer: ABF

A company wants to allow employees to register and manage their own devices that do not support NSP. Which portals enable this?

A.    MDM portals
B.    Client provisioning portals
C.    My devices portals
D.    BYOD Portals

Answer: C

Which three options can be pushed from Cisco ISE server as part of a successful 802.1x authentication. (Choose three)

A.    authentication order
B.    posture status
C.    authentication priority
D.    vlan
E.    DACL
F.    reauthentication timer

Answer: DEF

With which two appliance-based products can Cisco Prime infrastructure integrate to perform centralized management?

A.    Cisco content security appliance
B.    Cisco email security appliance
C.    Cisco wireless location appliance
D.    Cisco Mobility Services Engine
E.    Cisco ISE

Answer: DE

A malicious user gained network access by spoofing printer connections that were authorized using MAB on four different switch ports at the same time. What two catalyst switch security features will prevent further violations? (Choose two)

A.    DHCP Snooping
B.    802.1AE MacSec
C.    Port security
D.    IP Device tracking
E.    Dynamic ARP inspection
F.    Private VLANs

Answer: AE

Refer to exhibit, which statement about the authentication protocol used in the configuration is true?
aaa new model
tacacs-server host single connection
tacas-server key cisco123

A.    Authentication request contains username, encrypted password, NAS IP address, and port.
B.    Authentication and authorization requests are sent in a single open connection between the network device and the TACACS+ server.
C.    Authentication request contains username, password, NAS IP address and port.
D.    Authentication and authorization request packets are grouped together in a single packet.

Answer: B

Which option is the code field of n EAP packet?

A.    one byte and 1=request, 2=response 3=failure 4=success
B.    two byte and 1=request, 2=response, 3=success, 4=failure
C.    two byte and 1=request 2=response 3=failure 4=success
D.    one byte and 1=request 2=response 3=success 4=failure

Answer: D


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[Jan-2017 Dumps] Passing 70-533 Exam By Learning PassLeader Free 70-533 Exam Dumps

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You host an application on an Azure virtual machine (VM) that uses a data disk. The application performs several input and output operations per second. You need to disable disk caching for the data disk. Which two actions will achieve the goal? Each answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Use the Azure Resource Manager REST API
B.    Use the Service Management REST API
C.    Run the following Windows PowerShell cmdlet: Remove-AzureDataDisk
D.    Run the following Windows PowerShell cmdlet: Set-AzureDataDisk