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You deploy an application that performs sentiment analysis on the data stored in Azure Cosmos DB. Recently, you loaded a large amount of data to the database. The data was for a customer named Contoso, Ltd. You discover that queries for the Contoso data are slow to complete, and the queries slow the entire application. You need to reduce the amount of time it takes for the queries to complete. The solution must minimize costs. What is the best way to achieve the goal? (More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.)

A.    Change the requests units.
B.    Change the partitioning strategy.
C.    Change the transaction isolation level.
D.    Migrate the data to the Cosmos DB database.

Answer: AC

Your company recently deployed several hardware devices that contain sensors. The sensors generate new data on an hourly basis. The data generated is stored on-premises and retained for several years. During the past two months, the sensors generated 300 GB of data. You plan to move the data to Azure and then perform advanced analytics on the data. You need to recommend an Azure storage solution for the data. Which storage solution should you recommend?

A.    Azure Queue storage
B.    Azure Cosmos Database
C.    Azure Blob storage
D.    Azure SQL Database

Answer: C

You are developing a mobile application that will perform optical character recognition (OCR) from photos. The application will annotate the photos by using metadata, store the photos in Azure Blob storage, and then score the photos by using an Azure Machine Learning model. What should you use to process the data?

A.    Azure Event Hubs
B.    Azure Functions
C.    Azure Stream Analytics
D.    Azure Logic Apps

Answer: A

You have thousands of images that contain text. You need to process the text from the images into a machine-readable character stream. Which Azure Cognitive Services service should you use?

A.    Translator Text
B.    Text Analytics
C.    Computer Vision
D.    Image Moderation API

Answer: C
With Computer Vision you can detect text in an image using optical character recognition (OCR) and extract the recognized words into a machine-readable character stream.

You are designing an Al workflow that will aggregate data stored in Azure as JSON documents. You expect to store more than 2 TB of new data daily. You need to choose the data storage service for the data. The solution must minimize costs. Which data storage service should you choose?

A.    Azure File Storage
B.    Azure Manage Disks
C.    Azure Data Lake Storage
D.    Azure Blob Storage

Answer: D
Generally, Data Lake will be a bit more expensive although they are in close range of each other. Blob storage has more options for pricing depending upon things like how frequently you need to access your data (cold vs hot storage). Data Lake is priced on volume, so it will go up as you reach certain tiers of volume.

You plan to design an application that will use data from Azure Data Lake and perform sentiment analysis by using Azure Machine Learning algorithms. The developers of the application use a mix of Windows-based and Linux-based environments. The developers contribute to shared GitHub repositories. You need all the developers to use the same tool to develop the application. What is the best tool to use? (More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.)

A.    Microsoft Visual Studio Code
B.    Azure Notebooks
C.    Azure Machine Learning Studio
D.    Microsoft Visual Studio

Answer: C

You are developing an application that uses an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster. You are troubleshooting a node issue. You need to connect to an AKS node by using SSH.
Solution: You add an SSH key to the node, and then you create an SSH connection.
Does this meet the goal?

A.    Yes
B.    No

Answer: A
By default, SSH keys are generated when you create an AKS cluster. If you did not specify your own SSH keys when you created your AKS cluster, add your public SSH keys to the AKS nodes. You also need to create an SSH connection to the AKS node.

You need to deploy cognitive search. You provision an Azure Search service. What should you do next?

A.    Search by using the .NET SDK.
B.    Load data.
C.    Search by using the REST API.
D.    Create an index.

Answer: D
You create a data source, a skillset, and an index. These three components become part of an indexer that pulls each piece together into a single multi-phased operation.

You create several AI models in Azure Machine Learning Studio. You deploy the models to a production environment. You need to monitor the compute performance of the models.
Solution: You write a custom scoring script.
Does this meet the goal?

A.    Yes
B.    No

Answer: B
You need to enable Model data collection.

Your company has recently purchased and deployed 25,000 IoT devices. You need to recommend a data analysis solution for the devices that meets the following requirements:
– Each device must use its own credentials for identity.
– Each device must be able to route data to multiple endpoints.
– The solution must require the minimum amount of customized code.
What should you include in the recommendation?

A.    Microsoft Azure Notification Hubs
B.    Microsoft Azure Event Hubs
C.    Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
D.    Microsoft Azure Service Bus

Answer: C
An IoT hub has a default built-in endpoint. You can create custom endpoints to route messages to by linking other services in your subscription to the hub. Individual devices connect using credentials stored in the IoT hub’s identity registry.

Drag and Drop
You are designing an Al solution that will analyze media data. The data will be stored in Azure Blob storage. You need to ensure that the storage account is encrypted by using a key generated by the hardware security module (HSM) of your company. Which three actions should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.)


You plan to deploy an Azure Data Factory pipeline that will perform the following: Move data from on-premises to the cloud. Consume Azure Cognitive Services APIs. You need to recommend which technologies the pipeline should use. The solution must minimize custom code. What should you include in the recommendation? (To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.)


You have an Azure Machine Learning model that is deployed to a web service. You plan to publish the web service by using the name ml.contoso.com. You need to recommend a solution to ensure that access to the web service is encrypted. Which three actions should you recommend? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.)

A.    Generate a shared access signature (SAS)
B.    Obtain an SSL certificate
C.    Add a deployment slot
D.    Update the web service
E.    Update DNS
F.    Create an Azure Key Vault

Answer: BDE


Case Study 1 – Contoso, Ltd.
Contoso, Ltd. has an office in New York to serve its North American customers and an office in Paris to serve its European customers. Each office has a small data center that hosts Active Directory services and a few off-the-shelf software solutions used by internal users. The network contains a single Active Directory forest that contains a single domain named contoso.com. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Connect is used to extend identity management to Azure.

Which RBAC role should you assign to the KeyManagers group?

A.    Cognitive Services Contributor
B.    Security Manager
C.    Cognitive Services User
D.    Security Administrator

Answer: A

You need to recommend a data storage solution that meets the technical requirements. What is the best data storage solution to recommend? (More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.)

A.    Azure Databricks
B.    Azure SQL Database
C.    Azure Table Storage
D.    Azure Cosmos DB

Answer: D

You need to design the Butler chatbot solution to meet the technical requirements. What is the best channel and pricing tier to use? (More than one answer choice may achieve the goal Select the BEST answer.)

A.    standard channels that use the S1 pricing tier
B.    standard channels that use the Free pricing tier
C.    premium channels that use the Free pricing tier
D.    premium channels that use the S1 pricing tier

Answer: B


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