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By | May 29, 2015

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A customer purchases the appropriate number of Speech Activated Messaging seats to support their sales staff, however, they find that after implementing the Speech Activated Service it does not allow CallPilot Migration to log in. all user mailboxes were migrated the previous day using the Meridian Mail to Avaya CallPilot Migration process. Which step should you take to resolve the problem?

A.    Use the Performance Monitor to verify that the Speech Recognition Channels are active.
B.    Rerun the Configuration Wizard and verify that the Speech Activated Messaging option has been configured.
C.    Verify that the Mailbox Class designated for the sales staff has been configured to allow Speech Activated Messaging.
D.    Log in to Avaya CallPilot Manager and access the feature report to verify that the customer has purchased the Speech Activated Messaging option.

Answer: C

The administrator will use Application Builder to design an application so callers will have a choice between billing and accounts receivable. The system has six blocks In the Basic Block Palette that will be used. Which block from the Basic Block is available?

A.    Start
B.    Begin
C.    Rotary
D.    Call Transfer

Answer: D

Mailboxes are restricted by the amount of storage space available to them. Which statement about mailbox storage is true?

A.    Storage can be modified on a per mailbox basis.
B.    All mailboxes have an equal share of storage space.
C.    Storage is controlled by the mailbox class of service.
D.    Increasing the Max Call Answering Message Length increases the storage space a/located to Answering.

Answer: C

You are implementing the Outlook Single Inbox feature at your company. The IT team asks you how this feature affects the Exchange server. Which information will you share to answer their question?

A.    The original Avaya CallPilot message and all copies are transferred to the Exchange Server.
B.    Synchronization between the Exchange Server and the Avaya CallPilot Server occurs even when Avaya CallPilot is not running.
C.    Copies of users’ Avaya CallPilot messages are saved to the Exchange Server. The original messages reside on the Avaya CallPilot server.
D.    Desktop Messaging synchronization does not require that Microsoft Outlook be active// running on the user’s computer.

Answer: C

Message Waiting Indicators (MWIs) are used to signal users that new messages have arrived. Which statement regarding Message Waiting Indicators is true?

A.    MWIs can be triggered by new or urgent messages.
B.    Up to 15 MWI DNs can be configured by the administrator.
C.    My CallPilot users cannot keep their associated MWI from displaying on their telset.
D.    The mailbox owner can change their MWI DN once it has been assigned by the administrator.

Answer: AC

The Message Forwarding Rule and Message Archiving feature is packaged as part of the Avaya CallPilot server and My CallPilot software. Which message appears when an administrator enables Message Archiving?

A.    Archive messages will be sent as economy.
B.    Enabling Message Archiving turns off Message Forwarding.
C.    Message Forwarding will take priority over Message Archiving.
D.    Message Forwarding must be enabled before Message Archiving is enabled.

Answer: B

You are adding several new mailbox owners. On which page in Avaya CallPilot Manager do you set password prefixes for the new mailbox owners?

A.    Mailbox Classes page of the User menu
B.    Dialing Information page of the Messaging menu
C.    Security Administration page of the Messaging menu
D.    Messaging Management page of the Messaging menu

Answer: C