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By | August 10, 2015

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Which two options are two functions of the data center core layer? (Choose two.)

A.    manages access control and policy
B.    enables routing between VLANs
C.    creates separate collision domains
D.    acts as a high speed egress point
E.    implements security policy
F.    provides a resilient Layer 3 routed fabric

Answer: DF

Which two options are two functions of the data center access layer? (Choose two.)

A.    high data transfer rate
B.    packet filtering
C.    server connections
D.    QoS policy enforcement
E.    high network fault tolerance
F.    VLAN creation

Answer: CF

A network uses one pair of Layer 3 switches for core and distribution purposes. Which design is this network using?

A.    collapsed Layer 3 core
B.    collapsed Layer 2-3
C.    collapsed distribution
D.    collapsed core

Answer: D

A network architecture team is looking for a technology on Cisco Nexus switches that significantly simplifies extending Layer 2 applications across distributed data centers. The team wants the Cisco Data Center Interconnect between sites and without changing or reconfiguring the existing network design. Which technology should be used?

A.    Multiprotocol Label Switching
B.    Cisco FabricPath
C.    virtual switching system
D.    virtual port channel
E.    Overlay Transport Virtualization

Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is migrating the existing switching infrastructure to a proposed model. Which technology is enabled on the Cisco Nexus switches to support this migration to its future status?

A.    PAgP
B.    VSS
C.    VPC
D.    FCoE

Answer: C

Which four components are part of the Cisco Data Center Nexus switching offering? (Choose four.)

A.    Cisco 6000 Series Switch
B.    Cisco ASR 9000
C.    Cisco 1000v Switch
D.    Cisco IOS Software
E.    Cisco 4500E Switch
F.    Cisco NX-OS Software
G.    Cisco 6509-E Switch
H.    Cisco Fabric Extender

Answer: ACFH

What is the purpose of Fibre Channel over Ethernet?

A.    FCoE maps Fibre Channel onto Layer 2 Ethernet, Converging IP, and storage networks.
B.    FCoE encapsulates native Fiber Channel traffic inside iSCSI packets.
C.    FCoE encapsulates native Fiber Channel traffic inside GRE tunnels.
D.    Data Center Bridging uses FCoE to transport IP traffic over native Fiber Channel.
E.    FCoE encapsulates Native Fiber Channel inside IP packets.

Answer: A

What are two purposes of VIFs in Data Center Unified Fabric? (Choose two.)

A.    VIF can be used to virtually present NICs to the operating system
B.    VIF is created when interconnecting Catalyst switches to Nexus switches
C.    FEX modules can be connected to Nexus parent switches through VIF
D.    VIF can be used to directly attach virtual machines with a Unified Computing System
E.    VIF creates multiple switch instances inside a VDC

Answer: AD

An administrator has installed two Cisco VIC adapters. The administrator has also configured four virtual network interface cards and two virtual host bus adapters. Using this configuration, how many PCI bus addresses will be presented to the server operating system?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    6
D.    8

Answer: C

A network engineer is migrating the server farm from 1 Gb/s Ethernet connectivity to 10 Gb/s Ethernet connectivity. What two Cisco Nexus Fabric Extenders support 10 Gb/s server connectivity? (Choose two.)

A.    Nexus 2148T
B.    Nexus 2232PP
C.    Nexus 2224TP
D.    Nexus 2248PQ
E.    Nexus 2248TP

Answer: BD

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